Be Mine, Valentine!

Here at {Loom} Mom’s house, we have been busy making bracelets for our school valentines. It’s not too much stress since I just have one in 1st grade and one in preschool.

But they make it harder by wanting one of everything we create. “Can you make me one just like this?”

But we love to loom, so it’s fun times. No sugar added!

I am a digital designer, and I have a lot digital designer friends and family, but I decided to find something already designed for loom bracelets and up for grabs this year for the sake of my sanity. I may design something next year, but I don’t need anything else on my list of things to do in the next two weeks.

And probably neither do you, right?

Here are a few lot of Valentine’s Day Printables for you to peruse and choose:

{Which one will YOU be printing???}

Loom Love on Etsy ($4.99, I love love love these designs. My only complaint is that they should have left some space between the design and the “from” line so the bracelet doesn’t cover it up…)

Nest of Posies (loving this one!)

Lolly Jane (free! check out the blog for one for boys too!)

CardMeKelly on Etsy has tons of cute ones for $3-4, and you can pick an image that looks like your child! My only complaint here is that she doesn’t have any for boys! I don’t have any boys, but I have nephews who love to loom!

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Printable Rainbow Loom Bands Brunette Girlie Friendship Bracelet Valentines Day Cards

Over the Big Moon (free, and another one of my faves)

loomy Loom Bracelet Valentine

Living Locurto (free, super simple, and super adorbs)

Free Printable School Valentine's Day Cards For Kids by

The Celebration Shoppe (I seriously can’t decide which to use!!! I love them all! This one has fantastic colors and fonts!)

Paper & Pigtails (how can something with a blog name like that NOT be adorable? I love this one! FREE! Plus you get 9 to a page, so it’s economical too!)

Thirty Handmade Days (I’m such a sucker for great fonts…and circles… This one comes in four different adorable colors.)

Your Friendship is Illuminating! Fun Valentine's Day idea using loom bracelets with free printable included

The Studio Ink on Etsy (I love the saying and the graphics, but not so much the typography. $20 for a set of stickers. Love the idea of stickers!)

50 Adorable 3.5"x2" PRINTED Girl or Boy Loom Band Glossy Valentine's Stickers

Dimple Prints (free, and so stinking dang cute! i love the graphics made to look like bands!)

LoomValentine by DimplePrints2

The Suburban Mom (seriously? so cute! and free!)

Two super cute tags (free!) from the Crafted Sparrow:

Chica & Jo (clever, $4.99 on Etsy, they have a link on their site)


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